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Bee Clinic -:Disease and pest diagnosis and their management

HBC provides disease and insect-pest diagnosis services and provide solutions for their management. Diagnosis is through farm visit, sample analysis, etc. Customers may even mail a photo of the pest for identification and online solutions.

Stock taking

HBC provide service of taking stock of the apiaries for their customers.

Apiary inspection

Customers may avail of our specialized service of Apiary Inspection to know the static and dynamic stage of their apiaries. It will also provide evaluation on various diseases or insect pests in the hives, queens status, resource management, etc. This scientific evaluation will help them in better management of their apiaries and hives.

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Beekeepers are faced with acute problem of insect-pests and diseases of honey bees. They are using various chemicals that are not recommended at doses which are either grossly lower or higher. Such chemicals are being used in wrong ways thus leaving residues in the honey or wax. Most of the time, it leads to unsatisfactory management of diseases. HBC through its dedicated team of trained professionals undertake the medication of apiaries. We expertise in organic treatments also. HBC provide tailor made medication for following pests and even more pests as per demand:

  • Mites (Varroa, Tropilaelaps, Acarapis)
  • Bacterial diseases (EFB)
  • Wasp
  • Wax moth, etc

Organic certification

Organic honey production has great scope in India. Organic honey has great market potential and sells at a premium. It has scope for export also. HBC provides necessary information and facilities for organic certification that includes:

  • Record maintenance
  • Apiary site evaluation
  • Site mapping
  • Route planning
  • Migration plan
  • Inspection
  • Medication and operational execution, etc.

Migration planning and execution

HBC undertakes for its customers end to end migration operation that include planning of migration sites; resource planning and mobilization; execution of migration (for short, medium and long routes) both intra and inter-state. We use state of the art migration equipments for safe migration of apiaries.

Floral surveys and mapping

Identification of floral sources for the honey bees is the life line to successful beekeeping. HBC undertakes survey work for floral sources in different part of India in a most scientific manner to determine the “colony carrying capacity of the area along with determination of floral duration. We also provide information about topography of area, physical resources in the survey site, grid mapping, etc. HBC also plans for different “migratory routes” in different states for customers.

Quality Queens

HBC at its apiaries regularly undertake “mass queen rearing” for production of best quality queens from its highly productive colonies. We provide “HIGH QUALITY QUEENS” to customers as per their demands. Such queens can be provided at out apiaries and also sent or mailed to the customer apiaries. These queens are available throughout the year from our “QUEEN BANK”

Pollen collection

HBC scientifically collect, dry and store pollen from the honey bee colonies in most hygienic way. We can supply this pollen to beekeepers for pollen of supplement feeding during dearth period. Health food customers are others to use as pollen has been declared as the “best health food” now and used extensively in high end gyms, health stores, etc. Pollen can be supplied in:

  • Bulk
  • Small Packings
  • Capsules , etc

Propolis collection

Propolis being the most important natural antibiotics has found its use in large number of medicines world over. HBC mass produces the propolis for supply to their customers on demand.

Project formulation appraisal

HBC undertake on behalf of the customers, formulation of projects on various aspects and scales like:

  • Establishment of apiaries (small, medium, large and extra large)
  • Establishment of honey houses with honey processing plants with facilities of bottling and storage. Such honey houses can be established for small, medium, large and extra large scale
  • Honey marketing and export

Beekeeping projects on turn-key basis

HBC with its highly trained and professional manpower take beekeeping projects on turn-key basis. Such projects in government, NGO, private or PPP mode may be taken up with end to end linkage and approach. Project fields:

  • Establishment of apiaries (small, medium, large and extra large)
  • Establishment of honey houses with honey processing plants with facilities of bottling and storage. Such honey houses can be established for small, medium, large and extra large scale
  • Production of hive and value added products
  • Survey
  • Human resource development
  • Any other field

Fabrication and supply of beekeeping equipment

HBC through its experience provides and arranges supply of beekeeping equipments that are confirming to quality and specifications. We specialize in providing high quality special equipments.

Honey and value added products

HBC through its commitment to produce highest quality products produces HONEY that is extracted from supers and is ripe. Our speciality are the best quality honeys of various crops that are absolutely free from any contaminants. Similarly, we provide other hive products like ROYAL JELLY, POLLEN, PROPOLIS, etc.


HBC provide consultancy service in all fields of beekeeping to its customers. We have teams of highly trained professionals with vast experience of working in different fields.

Pollination - outdoor and in enclosures

The true service of honey bees to the mankind is the cross pollination of agricultural and horticultural crops. Honey and wax are only the byproducts of honey. Honey bees are used commercially world-wide for pollination various oilseeds, pulse, horticulture, vegetable crops now.

Now there is a trend of producing high value crops in poly houses and enclosures and pollination is the major bottle neck in producing high quality crops.

HBC provide dedicated pollination service for these crops in open and enclosed situations.

HBC even provide Bee hive renting service for pollination.

Weather upgrades

Weather plays the key role for the success of beekeeping. Knowing your weather in advance to a certain degree of confidence will help beekeepers plan their activities in advance to maximize their honey production and undertake other hive management practices.

HBC is providing regular updates of different potential beekeeping areas on daily, weekly and fortnightly basis

Market analysis

Beekeeping enterprise is highly price sensitive as it depends on export demand. HBC provides updates about the honey marketing analysis for Indian domestic market and also export outlooks.

Human Resource Development

HBC with a dedicated and specialized activity in various fields of beekeeping provide various graded trainings to various segments of society like novice, beekeepers, women, tribals, agriculturaist, scientists, planners, etc.

HBC believes is dissemination of the accumulated knowledge to the beekeepers and other segments of beekeeping enterprise. The highly trained professionals of HBC provided training on all segments of beekeeping.

The training is given in well equipped conference room and training hall with all modern audio-visual multi-media facilities. The participants are also provided with hand outs. Our major stress is on farm training at our apiaries coupled with class room training.

We organize trainings for Beekeepers, government staff, entrepreneurs, etc. We can organize trainings on request at various other locations also.

We can organize trainings on many other aspects of beekeeping as per the need, request and demand of the customers. HBC has devised curriculum for various training modules:

Various Graded Training modules of HBC
Training module Duration
General Beekeeping course (condensed) 1 hour
General Beekeeping course 1 day
General Beekeeping course 3 day (with practicals in the afternoon
General Beekeeping course 7 days
Bee Management (seasonal) 3-7 days
Mass Queen Rearing (Introductory) 3 days
Mass Queen Rearing 7 days
Mass Queen Rearing (Advanced) 15 days
Royal jelly Production (Introductory) 3 days
Royal jelly Production 7 days
Royal jelly Production (Advanced) 15 days
Honey Bee Disease & Pest Diagnosis 3- 7days
Honey Bee Disease Management 3-7 days
Pollen Collection 3-7 days
Propolis collection 3-7 days
Pollination 3-7 days
Beekeeping equipments 3-7 days
Any other training – On Demand

Royal Jelly

demand, HBC takes up mass production of ROYAL JELLY for its customers. This highly nutritious food with rejuvenating powers has immense health benefits to the humans.